RCBS TrimPro2 DACaM Trimmer Power Pod System MK2 for RCBS trimpro2 and RCBS rotory case trimmer 2 NEWLY ENHANCED

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RCBS TrimPro2 DACaM Trimmer Power Pod System MK2 for RCBS trimpro2 and RCBS rotory case trimmer 2  NEWLY ENHANCED

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Product Information

DACaM Trimmer Power Pod System Patent Pending
For RCBS Trim-Pro2 and rotory Case trim 2 Manual Trimmers
Made by DACaM Reloading Tools, proudly in the USA


DACaM Trimmer Power Pod System
Made by DACaM Reloading Tools proudly in the USA (MA)
By popular demand and years in the making!

We have recently upgraded our Power Pod system with stronger, faster motors and other upgrades to further enhance your trimming experience!
Welcome to the DACaM Power Pod MK2!!!

DACaM Reloading Tools is now proud to announce that we have a low cost alternative to provide power to your RCBS manual case trimmer!
No more will you have to provide a power drill or power screwdriver to turn your RCBS manual case trimmer with power.

The DACaM Trimmer Power Pod System is a self contained system that attaches to your currently owned RCBS manual trimmer.
The DACaM Trimmer Power Pod System is very easy to attach, and looks great as well!

          Please note that this model Power Pod is for the newer style RCBS case trimmers.  These can be identified by the handle shape, it looks like a black plastic UFO on it's side.
          These newer models also will have a large lever handle that you push to load the brass into the left hand side of the trimmer.
           These are named Rotory Case Trimmer 2, TrimPro, and TrimPro2.  
PLEASE contact us if you have any questions as to exactly what model trimmer you have.

Just unscrew the trimmer crank, bolt your manual trimmer to the included aluminum frame with included bolts, slide the Power Pod onto the frame and screw the Power Pod connector into the shaft of your trimmer. Just plug it into the wall outlet and you’re ready to trim like a true Pro!

The DACaM Trimmer Power Pod System greatly speeds up the case trimming process to over 400 - 600 cases trimmed per hour.
No more banged knuckles or tired and sore arms cranking away!
No more adapters that can be lost !
No more trying to balance your electric drill on books or boxes while sliding it back and forth to trim cases!

The motor housing of the DACaM Trimmer Power Pod System has been carefully engineered and then using state of the art 3-D printing technologies it is carefully created. The base rail is VERY strong extruded Aluminum railing.
All Power Pod Systems are made right here in the good old USA, using precision machining equipment and state of the art technologies and equipment!

It is easy to install, takes about 2 minutes to fully assemble, includes ALL parts needed to start power trimming as soon as it arrives!

What you will receive is everything in the first picture (you must provide the green RCBS manual trimmer)
Included in the package:
1 - 3D printed Power Pod Motor Housing, with coupler attachment
1 - 18 inch extruded Aluminum railing
1pkg - screws, nuts, and washers for bolting your trimmer down to the rails
1 - high quality power wall adapter to power the motor

Green RCBS trimmer shown in the pictures is for demonstration only, and is not included with the purchase.

Shipping charges are actual shipping costs, I do not charge for shipping supplies or any handling fees.  
Priority mail is the preferred shipping method and will be used whenever available.
Yes, I do ship anywhere internationally, rates are calculated by USPS.

 Most orders will be shipped within 24 - 48 hours. 

I ship everything Securely in a large tube box, with everything inside securely wrapped in bubble wrap, so everything is very well secure during shipping.
US Postal shipping will be First Class mail for speedy delivery both domestic and Internationally.

Color options may also be available upon special request but may require additional shipping time. 
Currently shipping RCBS green color (pictures will be updated soon, but for now you can look at the Wilson DACaM Power Pod for the green color)
If you have a special color request, please send me a message and I will do my best to accommodate your request.
Product CodeDAC9MWFZ41
ManufacturerDACaM Reloading

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Best piece of time saving gear I have

I got my Power Pod today and was trimming brass in 30 minutes. It took longer to cut the base board than it did to assemble the Power Pod. Using a base board is up to you but not necessary. This really works well. I am very happy with it. I would recommend your DaCaM Trimmer Power Pod MK2 to anyone! Well done! Robert Kelly  Robert Kelly (19 Apr 2021, 19:25)

Outstanding Product, Complete Customer Satisfaction

I bought this item with high expectations, I was not disappointed whatsoever. The fit and finish is outstanding and very easy to use. The electric motor is powerful with a quality coupling system that threads easily into the case trimmer. The extruded rail is very sturdy without any undesirable flexing. To date I have used this system to trim over 2,000 pieces of brass and it continues to provide outstanding service with 100% reliability. Complete customer focus and satisfaction within this company exhibits the everyday standard by which all other corporations should strive to emulate. You can put you complete trust in this product and company... I remain a loyal customer to them.John Jones (2 Feb 2021, 10:12)
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